CVS, 7-Eleven Ban ‘Rolling Stone’ Issue Featuring Tsarnaev

American VoicesOpinion ISSUE 49•29 Jul 18, 2013

Numerous retailers, including CVS, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven, said they will not sell the new issue of Rolling Stone featuring a tousle-haired Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its cover, which many have protested for treating the Boston Marathon bombing suspect like a celebrity. What do you think?

  • “Finally, the nation’s moral arbiters take a decisive stance.”

    Beverly Hoover –
    Bear Keeper

  • “I’ve been done with them ever since they put Phish on the cover.”

    Aaron Woolway –
    Light Bulb Tester

  • “He has kind eyes.”

    Jack Nicastro –

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