Ebert and Roeper Leaving 'Ebert and Roeper'

American VoicesEntertainmentmovies ISSUE 44•30 Jul 23, 2008

Film critic Roger Ebert and Chicago Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper have opted not to renew their contract with Disney, thereby ending their show after eight years together. What do you think?

  • “And thus the sun sets on the golden era of opposable-digit-based art criticism.”

    Rebecca Roos –

  • “Ebert said the elephant acting like a dog in George Of The Jungle 'blindsided him with laughter.' Now how do you feel about the news?”

    Sam Ryder –
    Filing Clerk

  • “This is going to be like navigating a canal without a gondola driver. Whoa, isn't that a great metaphor? Should I be a movie critic?”

    Chris Lowry –
    Systems Analyst

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