E-Books Surpass Hardcovers At Amazon

American Voicesbooks ISSUE 46•29 Jul 23, 2010

For every 100 hardcover books Amazon sold in the past three months, the online retailer sold 143 books for its Kindle e-reader. What do you think?

  • “Wow. Maybe I should try to write an e-book instead of a regular one."”

    Danielle Shenton –
    Systems Analyst

  • “This is the end of an era. I hate to think of an entire generation being deprived of the pleasure of letting a book fall open to the dirty parts."”

    Joe Smith –

  • “Well, if you're reading a hardcover book, strangers try to start conversations with you. If you're reading off a Kindle, people just stare at your awesome Kindle."”

    Mick Aveling –
    Gear-and-Spline Grinder

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