Executing SARS Spreaders in China

American VoicesWorld ISSUE 39•19 May 21, 2003

Last week, China threatened to execute individuals who knowingly spread the SARS virus. What do you think?

  • “Finally, they've hit on a workable method of population control.”

    Michael Newell –
    Systems Analyst

  • “We should let the World Health Organization do the executing. They never get to do the fun stuff.”

    Colleen Matthews –

  • “People with SARS should not be ostracized. Many people with SARS live happy, productive lives for three days before their lungs fall into their underpants.”

    Charles Barker –
    File Clerk

  • “We shouldn't be critical. It's an old Chinese custom to shoot people for no good reason.”

    Sam Kennert –

  • “I've always said the Chinese don't know how to handle a crisis. Have you ever seen their fire drills?”

    Martin Reed –
    Investment Banker

  • “SARS has a 90 percent survival rate. That's a higher survival rate than the one for just living in China.”

    Angie Pulliam –

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