Flooding In Mozambique

American VoicesWorld ISSUE 36•09 Mar 15, 2000

Four weeks of severe flooding have left untold thousands dead and 240,000 homeless in Mozambique, with still more rain expected. What do you think of this dire international situation?

  • “First, we have to bail out the Africans because they don't have enough water. Now, it's because they have too much. Which is it, folks?”

    Todd Pollack –

  • “It's awful what's happening over there. We should start bombing as soon as possible.”

    Mark Schor –

  • “Mozambique, Mozambique, Mozambique. All you ever hear about in the news is Mozambique.”

    Brian Waller –
    Systems Analyst

  • “I just hope Paul Simon was airlifted to safety in time.”

    Bobbie Alexander –
    Dental Hygienist

  • “It seems like wherever those Doctors Without Borders go, trouble crops up.”

    Lynne Allen –

  • “Oh, those brown people. What will they get themselves into next?”

    Scott Groginsky –
    Postal Worker

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