France And Germany Say No

American VoicesWorldwariraqgovernmenteurope ISSUE 39•04 Feb 5, 2003

At a recent NATO meeting, France and Germany expressed reluctance to lend military support to the U.S. if it invades Iraq. What do you think?

  • “I can understand France pussin' out, but Germany?”

    Tom Robinson –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Has it been explained to the Germans that the Iraqis are Semites?”

    Paul Ryback –
    Delivery Driver

  • “I'm sorry, but why should France and Germany have a say in what goes on all the way over in Iraq?”

    Christina Davies –
    Dental Hygienist

  • “That's a shame. It would have been hilarious to see the French running around the desert in their froofy Stratego uniforms.”

    Fred Eckers –

  • “Oh, shit. I'm forced to side with France on something.”

    Carolyn Kass –

  • “Hey, Mr. President. When even the Germans don't want to fight, take the fucking hint.”

    Craig George –

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