Governor Of 'Broke' State Hires Donor's Dropout Son

American VoicesEconomy ISSUE 47•14 Apr 6, 2011

Despite Gov. Scott Walker’s repeated claims that the State of Wisconsin is broke, his administration recently gave the college-dropout son of lobbyist and campaign donor Jerry Deschane an $81,500-a-year job overseeing environmental and regulatory matters. What do you think?

  • “Oh, my God! If you convert that from Midwest dollars, it's like $200,000 a year!" ”

    Mike Newsome –
    Soundscape Artist

  • “Those who argue that hiring an unqualified dropout for such a high-level position is irrational clearly haven’t thought through how much Scott Walker disdains the environment and regulations."”

    Dan Hollis –
    Largesse Recipient

  • “You see, Wisconsin state employees? That's where many of you went wrong. You finished college."”

    Jason Freeman –

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