Harry Potter And The Bookstore Losses

American Voicesbusiness ISSUE 43•24 Jun 18, 2007

Because of intense competition, most retailers will likely be selling the new Harry Potter book at cost or less in the first week of its release. What do you think?

  • “That's not fair to the customers. They might also stick around and flip through key parts of The Secret.”

    Larry Thune –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Even more damaging to bookstores is the fact that you can purchase Harry Potter books at most vending machines.”

    Pam Knackert –
    Police Officer

  • “But once the customers are through the door, they can't help but to spend money hand over fist on the impulse-displayed kitten bookmarks, a copy of Redbook and overpriced Chekhov.”

    Max Prugh –
    Sales Representative

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