Icelandic Volcano Halts European Air Travel

American VoicesWorldtravel ISSUE 46•16 Apr 19, 2010

A plume of ash from an erupting volcano in Iceland halted most air travel in Great Britain and Western Europe this weekend. What do you think?

  • “I bet Great Britain really regrets letting its navy go to shit now." ”

    Calvin Tucker –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Well, I hope my stranded Scottish houseguests like season four of The Wire and Chinese food, because no damn volcano is going to get me to go to another museum." ”

    Cathey Weiss –
    Tool Grinder

  • “I know there's nothing anyone can do, but try consoling my two little girls, who had been so looking forward to going to the Nordhäuser Jazzfrühling in Nordhausen, Germany."”

    Herman Brownstein –

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