India Closing In On China

American VoicesWorld ISSUE 36•30 Aug 30, 2000

With a population of one billion and a birth rate nearly double that of China, India is on pace to become the world's most populous nation within the next few years. What do you think about this rapidly approaching demographic milestone?

  • “I see they're having about as much luck with the ejaculation-denying tantric sex as I am.”

    Richard Brunsell –
    Postal Worker

  • “As president of Schwinn, I couldn't be happier.”

    Ray Muncie –
    Schwinn President

  • “They seem to be a peaceful people, but we should probably send over a few guys in pith helmets and muttonchops just to keep an eye on things.”

    Bill Gehry –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Excuse me, but the proper term is 'Native Americans.'”

    Tina Tisch –
    Graduate Student

  • “The Indians could fast become the dominant superpower, what with the awesome might of the world's longest fingernails at their disposal.”

    Omar Thakker –

  • “At last, India will finally have enough people to watch all those movies they put out every year.”

    Donna Majoro –
    Physical Therapist

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