Invading Iraq

American VoicesWorldwariraq ISSUE 38•31 Aug 28, 2002

Determined to oust Saddam Hussein, President Bush has been attempting to rally support for an invasion of Iraq. What do you think?

  • “The time to invade Iraq is now. If we wait, cooler heads might prevail.”

    Rich Dobbs –
    Truck Driver

  • “Ousting Saddam would at long last pave the way for a corrupt, unstable, pseudo-democratic puppet government with friendly ties to Washington.”

    Douglas Glass –

  • “Even Brent Scowcroft is against this, and that guy spends his weekends pipebombing puppy kennels.”

    Chuck Barker –

  • “Well, I'm against it, but I'm probably in the minority, along with many Republicans, all non-Republicans, and the entire rest of the world.”

    Marty Ross –

  • “Isn't it funny how people say they'll never grow up to be their parents, then one day they look in the mirror and they're moving aircraft carriers into the Gulf region?”

    Rachel Weitz –

  • “After all Bush has done for us, can't we let him have just this one thing?”

    Maria Davillo –

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