Iran's Nuclear Program

American VoicesWorldiran ISSUE 39•38 Oct 1, 2003

Iran faces an Oct. 31 U.N. deadline to prove that it has no secret atomic-weapons program. What do you think?

  • “If armageddon devices of biblical proportion don't belong in the hands of fundamentalist religious extremists, where do they belong?”

    Matt Donnelly –

  • “A standoff over nuclear weapons? Fun! My father told me about those!”

    Steve Buck –

  • “We have bigger things to worry about in the Mideast than nuclear weapons.”

    Bob Wiltfong –
    Revenue Agent

  • “If Iran breaks the deadline, they'll be in direct conflict with the U.N., which is a really big deal if you're not America.”

    Jessica Allen –
    Systems Analyst

  • “I know how Iran feels! Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines! Ack!”

    Rachel Biello –

  • “Everyone always says Halloween is going to be scary, but when the International Atomic Energy Agency says it, you can believe it.”

    Kurt Braunholer –
    Parking Attendant

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