Israel's West Bank Wall

American VoicesWorldmiddle eastisrael ISSUE 40•03 Jan 21, 2004

Amid protest from Palestinians, Israel began construction on a 25-foot-tall protection barrier on the edge of Jerusalem. What do you think?

  • “Anyone can tear things down, but it takes someone really special to build things up.”

    Joseph Berlin –
    Systems Analyst

  • “A wall is a good start. It's no 'giant lid over the whole fucked-up region.' But it's a start.”

    Jeff Lockre –

  • “God, these Jerusalemites. You'd think one famous wall would be enough for them.”

    Karla Vanhoose –

  • “As a poet, I see this wall as a metaphor for something—but what?”

    Randolph Bunn –

  • “This plan will definitely solve Israel's problems. Unless the Palestinians somehow get their hands on tunnel-digging 'pick and shovel' technology.”

    Ed Jin –

  • “A wall of steel and concrete may stop the Palestinians from entering certain areas, but it cannot stop the Palestinian heart from soaring. That's what the soldiers are for.”

    Nan Hastings –

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