Justice Dept.: Justice Dept. Broke Law

American VoicesPoliticscrimecourts ISSUE 44•31 Jul 30, 2008

An internal review has concluded that aides to former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales used politics as a guiding factor in hiring, thus breaking the law and ruining the reputation of the Justice Department. What do you think?

  • “I can't tell which Justice Department is the evil Justice Department—they look exactly the same!"”

    Tasha Stanton –
    Blinds Installer

  • “Uh-oh. I used a political criteria to choose my preferred candidate in the 2004 elections. Do I have to turn myself in?"”

    Josh Craven –
    Limo Driver

  • “I'm beginning to think I was a little too hard on Ashcroft."”

    Kyle Soares –
    Systems Analyst

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