Justice Thomas Marks 5 Years Of Court Silence

American VoicesPoliticsSupreme Courtcourtsjustice ISSUE 47•07 Feb 15, 2011

Next week will mark the fifth anniversary of the last time Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas spoke aloud while hearing a case. What do you think?  

  • “I never thought of Clarence Thomas as a mysterious bad boy with a dark past, but now that he's not speaking, I can't help but want to know more. Wow. He's good." ”

    Alex Brill –
    Fiberglass Laminator

  • “It's a shame, because that Georgian man's voice sounds so elegant, sounds like it's been greased with butter and danced with till midnight." ”

    Paula Kirby –
    Sales Agent

  • “Hey, cut us a break. We had to install that model in ’91. Back then you could either have a realistic looking Supreme Court Justicebot or one that could talk, but not both."”

    Jeff Chung –
    Robotics Designer

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