Life After Saddam

American VoicesWorldwariraq ISSUE 39•09 Mar 12, 2003

With war imminent, President Bush and others are already discussing plans for a post-Saddam, U.S.-occupied Iraq. What do you think?

  • “I'm sure there are plenty of ambitious young despots out there who would jump at the chance to rule Iraq.”

    Andrea Crim –

  • “I just hope we don't see a repeat of that mess we made a few years back when we tried to install an American ruler in America.”

    Bruce Wollensky –

  • “Can't we just get CNN to run the place?”

    Martin Baines –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Whatever happens, someone should be there to film the most touching moments.”

    Meredith Hall –

  • “We should ask ourselves what we would want if Iraq was occupying the U.S.”

    Ken Franklin –
    Bus Driver

  • “Oh, man, we're not gonna make Iraq the 51st state, are we?”

    Dennis Doering –

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