London Bombings

American VoicesterrorismWorldeurope ISSUE 41•30 Jul 27, 2005

London subways and buses have been targeted in two subway attacks in recent weeks. What do you think?

  • “What? Did these madmen not hear the world denounce these acts just weeks ago?”

    Joshua Banks –
    Veterinary Aid

  • “Well, it certainly led to a lot of poorly Photoshopped crying lions and unicorns in my e-mail."

    Derrick Powers –

  • “The sad thing is, London may now develop anti-Pakistani racism for the first time in its history.”

    Dalia Lofton –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Whatever dangers London may face, I am confident that the strong leadership of Her Majesty the Queen can handle any challenge.”

    Allen Ward –

  • “Are the Brits flying into a blind rage and invading an oil-producing country for no reason? Well, why not?”

    Carolyn Allen –
    Fire Inspector

  • “As an Irishman, I think whoever's behind this should be found and punished if it isn't us.”

    Rodney Price –
    Daycare Operator

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