Mayhem In The Mideast

American VoicesWorld ISSUE 36•37 Oct 18, 2000

Mideast peace efforts have broken down in recent days, with Israeli-Palestinian violence erupting throughout the troubled region. What do you think?

  • “The U.N. should lay down the law: No more visits to the Wailing Wall or the Dome Of The Rock until a certain two ethnic groups learn to behave themselves.”

    Grace Delaney –
    Dental Hygienist

  • “In these times of trouble, they should turn to the Bible.”

    Michael Weathers –

  • “Right now, they're just throwing rocks at each other, but it could get much worse: I've heard rumors that Israel has the boulder.”

    Peter Bryson –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Boy, whoever's mediating these discussions sure does suck.”

    Omar Bilal –

  • “If only one side was a little darker so I could figure out who was right.”

    Dan Voss –
    Truck Driver

  • “Maybe we need to stop thinking of this as a Mideast crisis and just think of it as Mideast culture.”

    Diane DeSilva –
    Speech Therapist

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