Mayor Says To Lose Weight

American VoicesPolitics ISSUE 44•02 Jan 7, 2008

Mick Cornett, the mayor of Oklahoma City, has challenged every citizen to lose a collective 1 million pounds in an effort to help the state capital shed the distinction of being one of America's fattest cities. What do you think?

  • “If they're really serious about attaining this goal, the first thing they need to do is stop eating each other.”

    Sam Kennedy –
    Medical Transcriber

  • “Collective weight loss will take forever. Just take it all off Mama Dunster. She's got at least a million and a half to give.”

    Jess MacNamara –
    Field Manager

  • “What, and go back to being famous for that smell?”

    Larry Queenan –
    Camp Counselor

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