More Police Brutality In L.A.

American Voicescrimescandalpolice ISSUE 38•26 Jul 24, 2002

The Inglewood police officer seen on a videotape violently arresting a handcuffed black teenager has pleaded innocent to an assault charge.What do you think?

  • “How were those officers supposed to know that kid wasn't going to sprout an extra pair of arms from his back and pull a gun out of his neck as he lay pinned to the car's hood?”

    Rob Phelps –

  • “They were just following the motto of the Inglewood Police Department: 'To protect and whomp the shit out of.'”

    Christopher James –

  • “I'm just glad I live on the East Coast, where police are heroic.”

    Pete Bruge –

  • “Why must we always focus on the bad cops instead of the 65 percent of police officers who would never do anything like this?”

    Daniel Ziff –
    Systems Analyst

  • “I'm sure those officers wouldn't have done that unless it was absolutely necessary in order to hurt the guy.”

    Diane Essen –

  • “That tape was shameful. One cop brutalizes a suspect while five others just stand around? What do I pay my taxes for?”

    Emily Schofield –

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