Morrissey Stable After Onstage Collapse

American VoicesEntertainmentmusic ISSUE 45•44 Oct 27, 2009

Former Smiths singer Morrissey is in stable condition after developing breathing problems and falling to the ground during a performance in Swindon, England. What do you think?

  • “I'm tempted to say something sour and deprecating about Morrissey, but I'm sure he's already put it into verse."”

    James Mick –
    Utilities Equipment Repairer

  • “Nothing affirms the dreary sameness of life like surviving a near-death experience just to do the same thing again tomorrow."”

    Jess Pitkin –
    Maintenance Planner

  • “What a coincidence. At that very moment I was listening to 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out,' as I do every moment of every day."”

    Vernon Marine –
    Convenience Store Supervisor

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