NBC Universal Buying iVillage

American Voicesold internetmedia ISSUE 42•12 Mar 22, 2006

Media giant NBC Universal recently paid $600 million for iVillage, an Internet company catering to women. What do you think?

  • “And all this time I assumed NBC didn't care about my need to lose weight.”

    Kaelin Goulet –
    Jet Mechanic

  • “I run a website NBC might be interested in buying. It also appeals to women. Who like other women. And cake batter. In unorthodox places.”

    Philip Korf –
    Landscape Architect

  • “So iVillage will be owned by NBC Universal, which is owned by GE… I'm totally in the lead on ‘the six corporate conglomerate degrees of Thomas Edison.’”

    Kevin Patrick –
    Insurance Underwriter

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