New Samsung Phone To Be Controlled By Eye Movements

American VoicesOpinion ISSUE 49•10 Mar 7, 2013

According to sources, new eye-tracking technology in Samsung’s Galaxy S IV smartphone, which is set to debut on March 14, will allow users to scroll through webpages and applications by simply moving their eyes. What do you think?

  • “Could work, but it’ll take some convincing to get people used to the idea of constantly looking at their cell phones.”

    Marcel Inget –
    Canary Breeder

  • “Ugh. So you’re telling me I have to move my eyes just to make the pages move?”

    Steve Terezakis –
    Window Cleaner

  • “I already know that my snoopy coworker is going to fuck this all up for me.”

    Tanya Abbott –
    Respiratory Therapist

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