New York Governor Resigns

American Voices ISSUE 44•11 Mar 14, 2008

After confessing to being involved in a prostitution ring, New York governor Eliot Spitzer resigned Wednesday. What do you think?

  • “How embarrassing. I hope the media doesn't make too big a deal out of this story of big money, unbridled power, and hot sex.”

    Amy Schilling –
    Art Therapist

  • “I can't blame Spitzer, really. Have you ever been to Albany? Not a lot to do up there except govern."”

    Trey Shoemate –
    Plumber's Assistant

  • “My daughter lives in New York! I hope to God she wasn't involved—was she one of the prostitutes? Is my daughter a prostitute? Has anyone in New York seen Laura Mallen?"”

    Paul Mallen –
    Systems Analyst

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