New York Tour Bus Dangers

American VoicesLocal ISSUE 47•12 Mar 22, 2011

After two fatal tour bus accidents occurred in a single week, authorities in New York conducted random inspections in which 14 of 14 buses stopped were taken taken off the road for safety violations. What do you think?

  • “It's a good thing they found all 14 of the bad buses." ”

    Evan Blackwell –
    Cap Maker

  • “You know, it’d be a lot more useful if the state would just release a list of commercial vehicles that unlicensed felons were allowed to operate."”

    Patricia Lordan –
    Turning Machine Operator

  • “Huh. 'Buses'? That word looks funny, right? I know I'm saying this out loud, but when it's transcribed it'll probably look all weird. Then again, doesn't 'busses' look even weirder? I bet it does."”

    Thomas Marcellino –
    Malt Roaster

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