Notorious R.I.P.

The Notorious B.I.G. was shot to death last week, almost six months to the day after fellow "gangsta" rapper Tupac Shakur was killed. What do you think about the escalating violence in the rap world?

  • “I believe there is a connection between this murder and last November's slaying of Whitney Houston.”

    Herb Petersen –

  • “There was once a man killed for rapping the gospel. They nailed Him to a cross. His name was Jesus.”

    Theresa Hull –

  • Damn... Know what I'm sayin'?”

    Chad Schorr –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Congress has simply got to start increasing public-service announcement funding.”

    Kevin Hyland –
    Legal Secretary

  • “These rap stars have got to stop trying to emulate their fans.”

    Lorraine Woolhouse –
    Science Teacher

  • “It's the same as all those East Coast-West Coast killings back in the big band days. Artie Shaw. Tommy Dorsey. And they still don't know what happened to Benny Goodman.”

    Patrick Prozinski –

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