Obama Losing Global Appeal

American VoicesOpinionbarack obama ISSUE 48•24 Jun 15, 2012

A Pew Research Center poll indicates that President Barack Obama’s popularity is slipping around the globe, due in part to disapproval of drone airstrikes. What do you think?

  • “He better watch out, or the rest of the world might decide to vote for Romney in November.””

    Jane Carroll –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Look, we can send in flying deathbots to do the dirty work, or we can invade your country and level it. You choose, but we gotta do something.”

    Nick Joseph –
    Inside-Plant Supervisor

  • “Hold up. I’m not going to stand here while some filthy foreigner talks smack about the president I hate.”

    Ed Wilmot –
    Nickel Plater

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