Palin Abdicates Gubernatorial Seat

American VoicesPolitics ISSUE 45•31 Jul 28, 2009

Alaska governor Sarah Palin turned over executive control of the state to Sean Parnell, saying that if she served a lame duck year in the office, it would not benefit anyone. What do you think?

  • “Beautiful, a liar, and a quitter. God, I haven’t been this aroused by the thought of a woman in two years.”

    Charles Mann –
    Bias-Binding Cutter

  • “Nothing can distract her laser focus from the ultimate prize: the Fields Medal.”

    Dawn Pitkin –
    Garment Inspector

  • “With this Sean Parnell guy coming in, at least they won't have to change the initials carved into the caribou-antler throne that has served as the ceremonial seat of Alaskan governors since 1959.”

    Pat Wasserstrom –
    Honey Extractor

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