CHICAGO—Calling it the most valuable decision he will ever make, the parents of local 20-year-old Patrick Tobin reportedly advised their son this week to fully devote himself to pursuing an improv comedy education. “Right now, just take as many classes and workshops as you possibly can—10 years down the line you’ll thank yourself,” said Tobin’s mother, Rhonda, adding that her son shouldn’t hesitate to take out loans to cover the costs of studying full-time at the best improv companies. “This is your future we’re talking about after all, so take it seriously. Start with Improv I, but don’t stop there. Spread your wings—take advanced-level courses, see shows, drop in on improv jams, enroll in one-week long-form intensives that focus on Harold techniques—just branch out. Remember, this is an investment in yourself, one that will pay you back many times over.” Tobin’s parents added that if he studied hard and worked his way onto a house team, maybe one day he could even end up teaching improv classes himself.