Population: Six Billion

American VoicesWorld ISSUE 35•40 Nov 3, 1999

Last month, the world's population reached the six-billion mark. What do you think of this landmark?

  • “Decades ago, those guys in Zero Population Growth said the planet was critically overpopulated at 3.5 billion. Guess that shows them.”

    Bill Cardassian –
    Cab Driver

  • “At least we humans are doing a better job than those ants.”

    Carl Turner –

  • “Thank God. I was wondering how we were going to staff all those new Old Navys, Targets and Barnes & Nobles.”

    Ben Magadan –

  • “Six billion? And you know where all of them are? In the goddamn checkout line in front of me, that's where.”

    Alexander Ormond –
    Systems Analyst

  • “And of those six billion, only 10, maybe 11 tops, are cool.”

    Jill Eppard –

  • “Nothing is more precious than teeming, overpopulated, resource-destroying human life.”

    Felicia Mott –
    Bank Teller

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