Postal Workers Offered Buyout

American Voicesbusiness ISSUE 45•36 Aug 31, 2009

Thirty thousand employees of the United States Postal Service have been offered a $15,000 incentive to quit, which would save the troubled agency $500 million next fiscal year. What do you think

  • “With $15,000 in their wallets and specialized Postal Service training, these folks can write their own tickets."”

    Nigel Zabel –
    Systems Analyst

  • “I feel bad for the postal workers. To help them out, I think I will begin a chain letter warning people they will be struck down with cancer unless they send the letter to 10 other people."”

    Scott Hiller –
    Pedigree Tracer

  • “If the fifteen grand doesn't work, they should offer each of them their own commemorative stamp."”

    Judy Moynihan –
    Soil Scientist

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