Prosecuting Pinochet

American VoicesWorld ISSUE 34•19 Dec 9, 1998

Spain is seeking to extradite Augusto Pinochet from Britain to stand trial on torture and murder charges dating from his 1973–90 rule of Chile. What do you think about prosecuting world leaders for acts committed while in office?

  • “Holding a dictator responsible for his brutal regime's acts of torture and genocide? Are we really sure we want to set that kind of precedent?”

    Renee Bumbry –
    Civil Engineer

  • “Pinochet is an inhuman monster who deserves the worst punishment possible–commissioning Andrew Lloyd Webber to write a hit musical about his life.”

    Patrick Fuller –

  • “I say let Pinochet free. After his harrowing ordeal inside the belly of Monstro The Whale, I think we can all agree he has suffered enough.”

    Michael Hood –

  • “Hey, we all go through a torturing-thousands-of-innocents phase at some point in our lives.”

    Joshua Alexander –

  • “The British kicked me out of the country once when I broke a bunch of royal shit.”

    Lawrence Grich –
    Sales Associate

  • “Boy, those crazy Mexican countries sure have their problems, don't they?”

    Jackie Oliver –
    Systems Analyst

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