Radioactive Boars Roaming Germany

American VoicesWorld ISSUE 46•32 Aug 12, 2010

Nearly 25 years after the nuclear power plant disaster in Chernobyl, Germany is faced with a booming population of irradiated boars. What do you think?

  • “It's just a matter of time before someone gets bitten and becomes a superhero with the proportional strength and burrowing instinct of a boar." ”

    Jay Shepard –
    Cabinet Maker

  • “It's probably a good idea to give the Germans something to cull every once in a while, so that urge doesn't get out of control again."”

    Alexander Mattingly –

  • “Wow, that's…schadenfreude? Weltschmerz? Verfremdungseffekt? What's the German word for being scared shitless?"”

    Sophia Roosa –
    Float Builder

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