Return Of The Draft?

American Voicespatriotismwarmilitary ISSUE 40•43 Oct 27, 2004

As the war in Iraq drags on, some Americans fear reinstatement of the military draft. What do you think?

  • “Well, okay. As long as it's only a small draft and then they promise to stop.”

    Sara Simpson –
    Camera Operator

  • “A draft would be great. Going down there to sign myself up would be such a hassle.”

    Leonard Robertson –
    Systems Analyst

  • “If I get drafted, I hope they put me on one of the swift boats. From what I gather, those guys are never in any danger.”

    James Sanders –

  • “If I must submit to a draft, I hope I'm not picked by Cincinnati.”

    Johnny Grant –
    Carpet Cutter

  • “Well, no one is getting drafted until after the election, so there's no use worrying about it now.”

    Chris Daniels –

  • “That's it. I'm voting for the candidate who would flip-flop on sending my son to die, rather than the one who'd do it without hesitation.”

    Carmen Rice –
    Brokerage Clerk

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