RNC's Health Scare Tactics

American VoicesPoliticshealthhealthcare ISSUE 45•36 Sep 1, 2009

A recent fundraising mailer for the Republican National Committee was accompanied by a questionnaire which intimated that any health care reform may include a provision to deny Republicans medical treatment. What do you think?

  • “That's absurd. The legislation would merely deny Republicans anesthesia during surgery.”

    Lane Heater –
    Drain Layer

  • “I find it absolutely appalling that anyone could believe that political affiliation would be used to determine who receives medical treatment. That's what race and socioeconomic standing are for."”

    Liz McEneaney –
    Felt Pad Cutter

  • “But if the Republicans don't like this health care policy, wouldn't they want to be excluded?"”

    Grant Drucker –
    Hearing Officer

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