Russian Protest Crackdown

American Voices ISSUE 43•48 Nov 27, 2007

Riot police detained more than 200 people at a rally protesting the Kremlin and the Putin government. What do you think?

  • “Can't those people just settle down and enjoy the iron fist of democracy?”

    Sidney Gerber –
    Lab Technician

  • “The thing you have to respect about Putin is that he doesn't send others to do his dirty work; he went out there, knocked those 200 people around, and arrested them himself.”

    Violet Klein –
    Rug Cleaner

  • “What can be said? They beat them with sticks. Then they drank together, and embraced, and laughed. They talked of sweet Natalya and her sister Yulia with her copper-red hair. They beat them again.”

    Jonas VanDerHeusen –
    Information Boot Attendant

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