Sedatives In New York Drinking Water

American Voices ISSUE 44•11 Mar 12, 2008

A test of the reservoir that supplies drinking water for New York city turned up traces of numerous drugs, including caffeine, hormones, and sedatives. What do you think?

  • “New York tap water is the healthiest around. It cures my headaches and regulates my periods."”

    Monique Rennebohm –
    Systems Analyst

  • “That wasn't intentional? I thought it was just another one of Bloomberg's innovative social-control initiatives.”

    Len Berman –
    Appliance Salesman

  • “Oh, gosh. I hope they never run a test on Mountain Dew Code Red. I'd rather just not know."”

    Peter Mattioli –
    Forklift Operator

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