Send In The Ground Troops

American VoicesWorld ISSUE 35•14 Apr 14, 1999

With air attacks proving ineffective against the Serbs, the possibility of sending ground troops into Kosovo is being discussed. What do you think about such a prospect?

  • “Ground troops? Didn't we already bomb the hell out of that country? I swear, we just give and give and give...”

    Bob Hegan –
    Financial Planner

  • “With all the incredible military technology at America's disposal, there's no excuse for us not to create a lasting peace in the Balkans.”

    Phyllis Holtzman –

  • “As a member of the U.S. Army Reserves, I have just one thing to say: 'Oh, shit.'”

    Ross Segui –

  • “Well, I can certainly understand why the Serbs are so aggressively nationalistic. Ever seen Yugoslavia? It's gorgeous.

    Lynette Tenace –
    Speech Pathologist

  • “I hear that Serb guy is the new Hitler. Of course, I can't remember why or what his name is, but the important part is 'Hitler.'

    Ike Bando –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Those Albanian refugees, camping on hillsides in groups of 20,000, living in their own feces with no food or water... It reminds me of when I followed the Dead back in '89. Keep on truckin', Kosovars!”

    Rich Klimkowski –
    Sales Representative

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