Shoplifting Gangs Threaten Retail

American Voicescrimebusiness ISSUE 41•48 Dec 5, 2005

Organized shoplifting gangs are posing a serious threat to retailers around the nation. What do you think?

  • “These shoplifters are angry at the world, but when will they learn that a life of misdemeanor is not the solution?”

    Chris Theile –
    Speech Pathologist

  • “There's so many people in stores now. I don't trust any of them.”

    Mike Medeiros –

  • “ "I used to be part of a shoplifting gang in high school. My friend Ricky would break a dish and I would grab all the Pop Rocks I could while they were distracted. Then we would run out back and eat all the Pop Rocks at once! Man, I love Pop Rocks.”

    Emily Waller –
    Systems Analyst

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