'South Park' Creators Threatened By Extremists

In response to a South Park episode in which the Prophet Muhammad appears in a bear costume, the radical Muslim website Revolutionmuslim.com hinted that the TV show’s creators would end up like murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh. What do you think?

  • “This ultimately boils down to a very thorny question of intercultural sensitivity: Should Islamic extremists be allowed to kill whoever they want?"”

    Alex Weber –
    Systems Analyst

  • “It scares me when people don't think bears are hilarious."”

    Carla Davidson –
    Nitrator Operator

  • “The 23rd Surah of the Quran explicitly describes the Prophet receiving Allah's word while wearing a bear suit for his niece's fourth birthday party, so I'm not sure where the offense is."”

    Doug Reber –

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