Speeding Up Iraqi Self-Rule

American VoicesWorldiraq ISSUE 39•45 Nov 19, 2003

The Bush Administration announced that it hopes to speed up the transition to self-government in Iraq. What do you think?

  • “Jesus, just leave the country, already. Someone else will come in and take it over.”

    Charlie Falk –
    Security Guard

  • “This is simply the natural evolution of our policy from Iraquisition to Iraqupation, to Iraqunification.”

    Christine Winn –

  • “Iraq has a history of instability and will require strong leadership in the postwar era. Hey! Is Saddam still alive?”

    Diana Conley –

  • “Well, I happen to be an unemployed warlord.”

    Rodney Dunson –

  • “It makes sense for Bush to pull out. If his own father had exercised the judgment to pull out, the U.S. wouldn't have been there in the first place.”

    Robert Swenson –

  • “I'm just hoping Bush gets our boys home before election time.”

    Jeff Rondeau –
    Materials Engineer

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