Sports Drink Company Putting First Advertisement On Moon

American VoicesOpinion ISSUE 50•19 May 16, 2014

Japanese pharmaceutical company Otsuka has announced plans to put their sports drink Pocari Sweat on the moon in a specially equipped container bearing their logo, which, if successful, would be the first time a commercial product has been flown to the moon for marketing purposes. What do you think?

  • “Good. I’m sick of seeing ‘Your Ad Here’ every time I look up at the night sky.”

    Keith Jaczko –
    Market Analyst

  • “I didn’t think I could possibly be any more excited to drink something called Sweat, but here we are.”

    Stephanie Bregman –
    Farmers Market Planner

  • “What an exciting new chapter in human shamelessness.”

    Chris Suchy –
    Package Labeler

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