Strokes On Rise In Young And Middle-Aged

American Voiceshealth ISSUE 47•07 Feb 14, 2011

Since 1995, the number of strokes among Americans age 15 to 34 has risen 51 percent for men and 17 percent for women. What do you think?

  • “That's encouraging. I really have a thing for ladies with right-side-dominant motor function, and it’s never been easy to meet them in my age group."”

    Marc Valensi –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Similarly, the number of people receiving $5 bills and a secondhand greeting card on their birthdays has spiked nearly 90 percent."”

    Renée Hammond –

  • “It's time that Billy Squier comes to terms with the fact that his song affects more people than simply those givin’ him the business all night long."”

    Todd Fraiture –

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