Study: Behavioral Problems Linked To Irregular Bedtimes

American VoicesOpinionparentskids ISSUE 49•42 Oct 14, 2013

A study of 3-, 5-, and 7-year-olds in the United Kingdom found that children without regular bedtimes got into fights more often and were more likely to be overly emotional or withdrawn, though the study noted that such effects could be reversed if parents imposed and adhered to a fixed bedtime every night. What do you think?

  • “So I should stop waking my son up in the middle of the night when I get lonely?”

    Riley Whitfield –
    Dragline Operator

  • “It’s best to prepare them for a life of dull, monotonous routine early on.”

    Albert McGill –
    Milk Sampler

  • “But my bedtime stories are best told haphazardly and without notice.”

    Linda Smith –
    Systems Analyst

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