Taxpayer Information At Risk

American Voicespatriotismcrimefinance ISSUE 43•16 Apr 16, 2007

A recent government report concluded that the IRS has not adequately protected the data on 52,000 IRS laptops. What do you think?

  • “What about the desktops? Shouldn't we be worrying about those too? Never underestimate the brute strength of an identity thief.”

    Felicia Keir –
    Systems Analyst

  • “To be fair, the IRS has a lot of other stuff to worry about, like adequately protecting the data on their thousands of laptops.”

    Gregory Teedle –

  • “This shall be the new reason why I don't pay taxes. To hell with 'no income' and 'laziness.'”

    Arnold Velmeir –
    Store Manager

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