Teen-On-Homeless Violence Increases

American Voicespatriotismpoorcrimekids ISSUE 43•09 Feb 27, 2007

A report issued by the National Coalition for the Homeless says there were more attacks against the homeless in 2006 than in the previous decade, many of them carried out by teenagers. What do you think?

  • “The problem is that teens these days just don't have the will to sit around smoking pot and watching TV like we did.”

    Mike Schneider –
    Rail Inspector

  • “Every generation has their thing. My father had the war in Korea, we had the war in Vietnam, and my kid has the war on poverty.”

    Jeanne Treeger –
    Legal Assistant

  • “But studies also show that joining an angry mob is a great way for teens to avoid getting caught up in a gang.”

    Walter Hicks –
    Nurse Practitioner

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