Tennessee Unemployment Hits 10.7%

American Voicesyu wan meibusiness ISSUE 45•30 Jul 20, 2009

The unemployment rate for the American state of Tennessee reached its highest point in 26 years. What do you think?

  • “I could sure use some small, inexpensive, imported toys to cheer myself up."”

    John Smith –
    Shop Keep

  • “High unemployment was understandable in 1983, as it was the Year of the Pig. But this is the Year of the Ox, a very robust creature, so there is no other explanation than Tennessee citizens’ shameful laziness."”

    Edith Jones –
    Industrious Laborer

  • “Tennessee is the land of Elvis Presley and therefore will never be brought low by unemployment. Long live the American King!"”

    Paul Harris –
    Unjust Emissions Retrofitter

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