Texas-Cheerleader Crackdown

American VoicesEntertainmentSportssexlegislation ISSUE 41•19 May 11, 2005

Last week, the Texas House of Representatives approved a bill banning "overtly sexually suggestive" high-school cheerleading routines. What do you think?

  • “See?! See what happens when you bring it on, Kirsten Dunst?!”

    Erik Booth –
    Systems Analyst

  • “If we outlawed everything some people find offensive, there wouldn't even be a Texas in the first place.”

    Cindy Campos –

  • “Is there a way to comment on this without seeming like a huge perv? All right then, I like the jiggling. Are you happy?”

    Jon Patell –
    Loan Clerk

  • “Texas lawmakers: always on the vanguard of educational reform.”

    Dianne Pruitt –
    Store Owner

  • “The law needs to differentiate clearly between lewd cheerleading and regular cheerleading. I've been masturbating to both for quite some time, and trust me, there are subtle differences.”

    Alvin Humphrey –
    Laser Engineer

  • “As a former Texas football player, I've gotta say I never noticed the cheerleaders. Don't tell the other guys, though, 'cause they'd kick the shit outta me if they knew that I was gay.”

    Alex Stafford –
    Laundry Worker

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