The Bank Of Wal-Mart

American Voicesbusiness ISSUE 36•04 Feb 9, 2000

The Treasury Department recently issued a new $1 Sacajawea coin, which is only available at banks and Wal-Mart. What do you think about the government making Wal-Mart an exclusive outlet for U.S. currency?

  • “That's convenient for me, because there's a Wal-Mart right near the Burger King where I pick up my mail.”

    Tom Reuschel –
    Systems Analyst

  • “This streamlines the circulation process by starting off U.S. currency in the place it's all eventually spent.”

    Marlon Witherspoon –
    School Psychologist

  • “It seems appropriate, as Sacajawea was instrumental in opening up the West to competition-crushing retail chain stores.”

    George Giroux –
    Auto Mechanic

  • “I just got the exact same Sacajawea coin over at Target for 89 cents.”

    Danielle Voss –

  • “Wal-Mart's selling Sacajawea coins? Say, that reminds me, I need a new answering machine and some garbage bags.”

    Tina Ormond –

  • “What better way to honor this great Native American than to restrict her movement to a handful of small, white-controlled locations?”

    Omar Sandiq –

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