The Concorde Crash

American VoicesWorld ISSUE 36•26 Aug 2, 2000

On July 25, an Air France Concorde crashed during takeoff near Paris, killing 113 people, including 96 Germans. What do you think of this first-ever crash of the supersonic jet?

  • “Man, that's more Germans than the French killed in WWII.”

    Bill Ready –
    Systems Analyst

  • “They still have those Concordes? That's so cute. I thought they went the way of Evel Knievel's X-1 Skycycle.”

    Jill Connelly –

  • “I almost took that doomed Air France Concorde flight. Thank God, though, I chose instead to fly on Le Jette de Valu.”

    Lynn Innis –

  • “I took the Concorde from New York to London in the early '90s, and it wasn't all that great. Macaulay Culkin kept kicking my seat.”

    Michael Kipp –

  • “Man was not meant to break the sound barrier, and now we are paying mightily for our hubris.”

    Robert Coleman –

  • “I once crashed my dad's Chrysler Concorde, but I only killed, like, four people.”

    Doug Dyer –
    File Clerk

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